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Jian Hu's Publications

  1. Hu, J., Mungall, C., Law, A., Papworth, R., Nelson J.P., Brown A., Simpson I., Leckie, S., Burt, D.W., Hillyard A.L. and Archibald, A.L., "The ARKdb: genome databases for farmed and other animals", Nucleic Acids Research , Vol 29, No 1, pages 106-110, 2001.
  2. Hu, J., Mungall, C., Nicholson, D., and Archibald, A.L., "CORBA as Infrastructure for Database Interoperability", Proceedings of the 10th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, pages 125-130, Las Vegas, USA, October 28-31, 1998.
  3. Hu, J., Mungall, C., Nicholson, D., and Archibald, A.L., "Design and implementation of a CORBA-based genome mapping system prototype", Bioinformatics, Vol 14, No 2, pages 112-120, 1998.
  4. Hu, J., Nicholson, D., Mungall, C., Hillyard, A.L. and Archibald, A.L., "WebinTool: a generic web to database interface building tool", Proceedings of 7th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA'96, pages 285-290, Zurich, Switzerland, 9-10 September, 1996.
  5. Zhao, Z. and Hu, J., "Supporting provision and access of educational visual resources on the web". Proceedings of WebNet 96 - World Conference of the Web Society, pages 502-507, San Francisco, USA, 16-19 October, 1996.
  6. Archibald, A.L., Hu, J., et al, "A generic single species genome database", Animal Genetics, Vol 27, Suppl.2, page 55, 1996.
  7. Williams, M.H. and Hu, J., "Making heterogeneous medical databases interoperable", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol 43, pages 275-281, 1994.
  8. Hu, J. and Williams, M.H., "Locating patient data among multiple heterogeneous medical databases", Information and Software Technology, Vol 35, No. 8, pages 439-447, 1993.
  9. Williams, M.H. and Hu, J., "Sharing patient data among heterogeneous medical databases", Proceedings of 11th International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics, MIE'93, pages 265 - 269, Jerusalem, Israel, April, 1993.
  10. Williams, M.H. and Hu, J., "Communication between heterogeneous medical data bases", Journal of Information Science and Technology, Vol. 2, No. 1, p12-30, 1992.
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